Friday, January 4, 2008

documenting change: seven.

the waiting game.

Last night I finished the last of my grad school applications, and this morning I mailed it off! I have applied to these MFA fiction writing programs: UT Austin, TX State San Marcos, UC Irvine, Sarah Lawrence, NYU, Johns Hopkins and UVA.

I have preferences – UT Austin, UC Irvine and Sarah Lawrence are my top three schools – all equally positioned in my mind. NYU is up there too. Truth be told, I’d be thrilled to get into any of the programs to which I’ve applied, and I'd be elated to get adequate funding so I can actually attend.

Now, I wait for spring. And as I wait, I work on new stories, I submit to journals, I continue working for an amazing poet, I continue this blog, and I continue freelance writing for Country Roads. And MAYBE, I take on just a bit more freelance work (that is yet to be determined)…

The other thing I do while I wait is burn off the energy that comes from anxious waiting. The triathlon I start training for in February takes place on April 22nd… For this very moment, I will revel in the fact that I am FINISHED with the GRE and FINISHED with applications.

In the meantime, if anyone has attended or does attend any of the MFA programs to which I’ve applied, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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