Wednesday, April 23, 2008

are you there, god? it's me, herpreet.

I think I have a crush. On Austin, TX.

Some of the things I've seen today that are contributing to this 12-year-old-giddy-in-love feeling: Pedestrians. Crosswalks that turn to a flashing-walking-man when I press a button. Cyclists. Vegetarian restaurants. The Onion. A vintage clothing store that rents clothes. A shoe advertisement that said, "We get it. You want to be earth-friendly. But not a hippie" (and I quietly related). Lots of bike shops and tattoo shops. Traffic. Traffic signs that read: Turning cars MUST yield to pedestrians. Turning cars that yielded to pedestrians. A write-up of a ten-day arts festival that focuses on art as communication. Extensive listings of live bands playing in Austin (not cover bands). A Texas outdoors magazine whose monthly theme was triathlons, in which I found an ad for a place called Tough Cookies Fitness that offers an all-women's 8-week triathlon training course. Dog parks. Outdoor patios at restaurants.

Now I am in a coffee shop called Metro. I'm drinking a milkshake made w/ 2 shots of espresso and Amy's Belgian chocolate ice cream. Yum. I haven't done a bit of work today, but I did drive by the LBJ Library at UT where I'm supposed to do work. I'll go there early in the morning instead.

Here is what Austin is: A real-live-city nestled into nature. It feels like it's got my name and c.'s name written all over it. ALL OVER it. It feels exactly like home. No. I feel exactly at home in Austin.

Can't wait to make the big move. Headed off to check out neighborhoods...

SONG: Las Nubes, Little Joe Y La Familia

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