Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend road trip.

C. and I went to Austin together to look at overpriced and poorly built houses and to figure out what areas of town we would live in and what areas of town we would not live in.

Things we argued over:
1. Whether c. gives me a chance to listen to the music I want to listen to when we're driving and vice versa. (after I wanted to listen to some JT song on the radio)

Me: I LIKE that song.

Him: So you like TERRIBLE BAD shit playing on the radio?

Me: Yes. Sometimes.

Me: I let you listen to whatever you want to hear 2/3 of the time even when I'm not in the mood for it or don't like it. And I don't complain. I don't even say a word.

Him: That's not true. I listen to shit you want to hear and I don't want to hear all the time. On the way down here, you changed the music twice after I'd put a certain song back on twice.

After we both got really mad and had to pull over into a parking lot to duke it out, we agreed it was a really stupid thing to fight about.

2. We found two pieces of property that we would consider purchasing and could possibly afford to purchase, and in an area we'd want to live in. Two properties. Of course, c. liked one better by far and I liked the other better by far. Go figure.

Things we did not argue over:
1. We found the one house in Austin that we can afford to buy. Here she is!

Well, not really. Cause that little hobbit's house is like $350,000. Along with every other dilapidated house in the city.

2. We agreed that we will probably rent for a while.

3. We agreed that, never having realized it before, Baton Rouge has a remarkably large stock of amazingly beautiful and built-to-last homes. Even in Baton Rouge's most run down areas, you can spot beautifully crafted homes. Tons of them.

There is a lot of talk in some Austin neighborhoods about preserving the "character" of these hoods. But these Austinites need to face it: A poorly constructed 900 square foot bungalow built in the 40s for blue collar employees may not be the best example of a bungalow. And it may not be quite so functional nowadays. And it may not be worth saving.

4. We want to win the lottery or get rich somehow. Sooner than later.

5. We also agreed that we are still really really excited about moving to Austin. Really happy.

We agreed over more things than we disagreed over.

Things I thought about on the drive home:

1. Maybe it's because some of the songs are about getting royally screwed (and we're probably going to get royally screwed when it comes to property), or maybe it was just the road weariness, or maybe it's because Spoon is an Austin band. I don't know. But when we listened to the album A Series of Sneaks on the last leg of our drive home, it made me feel happy and like I wanted to sob all at once. I could have listened to it over and over in that moment.

2. In Austin, c. and I listened to Yo La Tengo's "You Can Have it All." I remembered how my older sister had taken me to see Yo La Tengo in Hoboken in 1998 and how I'd liked them, but how it was years later before I realized just how much I like them (by years later, I mean last year).

Earlier this year my nieces and nephews were visiting. Two of them were in the car with me and "You Can Have it All" was playing. My nephew said, "Did she just say what I think?" regarding the line, "If you want, want my love. Take it baby. You can have it all" (which is pretty much the entire song). My niece cackled, "Yes." And they both giggled. I sighed to myself.

I thought of the moment with my niece and nephew and I decided: One day they will be grown and they will know how mentally and emotionally exhausting it can be to love someone. And the words: "If you want, want my love, you can have it all," will mean something completely different to them.

SONGS: The entire A Series of Sneaks album, but especially the songs: Advance Cassette, Lafitte Don't Fail me Now and Agony of Lafitte, Spoon; You Can Have it All, Yo La Tengo

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