Friday, July 11, 2008

what's your mama got magnet-stuck to her fridgedaire?

the list on my fridge gets shorter. we met with our realtor yesterday. we settled on a list-price. our house goes on the market Monday. I can't wait to see the "For Sale" sign in my yard.

my last freelance article gets turned in on Sunday. hopefully there is time to revise a freelance article I turned in last week (because it's poorly written and poorly developed, and this thought keeps lingering in the back of my mind).

my last day working on the New Orleans City Park project is July 25. I move to Austin the first week of August. I haven't decided which day.

*for some reason my iphoto takes pictures backwards and when I flip them horizontally and "save," the save doesn't take the horizontal flip. so make the list out if you can!

SONG: Strange, Built to Spill

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