Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. Check, to my last commenter, on trying to find something positive in this experience. I’m working on that.

2. Interestingly enough, it’s not the place that I don’t feel at home in, it’s more the strange collection of individuals who are brought together to be writers that feels, well, awkward and un-home-like in this place.

3. That said, I most certainly LIKE plenty of these people.

4. And with them, I’ve had some truly fun moments, not school or writing related at all.

5. I have been reminding myself that knowing people for years and years and years is quite different from knowing people for a few months.

6. My friend c. asked me: Is it that you feel like you’d feel it by now if you were going to be good friends? (I’m paraphrasing)

7. My answer: Yes. I think I’d feel it.

8. Her answer: Maybe these are not the people you are meant to be good friends with.

9. My answer: Yes. That’s a possibility.

10. Her comment: Maybe you’ll make your good friends in other ways.

11. My answer: Yes. That’s very possible. I haven’t been here long enough to plug into a lot of different outlets. And really, I’m too busy with school to be playing on a billion different playgrounds.

12. The whiny person inside of me: But making friends is usually so easy for me- people with all different kinds of personalities and mindsets and experiences.

13. The practical, patient person inside of me: Making really good new friends takes time. Getting into a comfort zone with others is not instant.

14. Whiny-me: But a lot of times it's instant.

15. And I like people. I like people in my program. I like them.

16. So wait. Wait it out

SONG: Turn the Light Down Low, Lauren Hill's mix

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