Wednesday, September 19, 2007

o'connor, o'henry and me - mark the date.

Consider yourselves 100% fairly warned NOW. This entry is SEEPING with positivity and what borders on (or is) obnoxious self-praise.

Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! I have been trudging through revisions to my story. Trudging, dreading, trudging. Today, I had the most difficult time being disciplined. Finally, at 4:00pm, after two hours of procrastinating, dawdling, flipping through websites, looking at my story on the screen, etc. I just said to myself, “WRITE. Now.” And I did. And at about 7:30pm I seriously had a flash of brilliance. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously!!! (I am internally peeing my pants and jumping up and down right now - like a boston terrior; like a five-year-old high on halloween candy. And maybe when I get up to fix some dinner, I will literally do a little jump. Or two!)

(Heed the prior warning.) It was ALMOST as if Flannery O’Connor herself conspired with O’Henry in heaven, and they HANDED down to me the MOST AMAZING ending to a story with a most intense central conflict that developed between the hours of 4pm and 7:25pm. An ending that will read as a moment at once jolting, stunning, tragically comedic, heartbreaking and infuriating!! All of that! O’Connor and O’Henry themselves. I swear. I SWEAR IT.

This story, that my writer friend had nearly apologized for having to deliver the news to me that it needed structure and a core conflict, has it, tenfold. With an incredible unsuspected ending to boot. This story will get published. I KNOW it. I KNOW it. No matter how many rejections it first encounters. This is New Yorker worthy. For Real. Roll your eyes in disgust if you must. I would do the same damn thing.

Yay, Yay, Yay. A very hungry writer now signing off to go make dinner. Very hungry and very satisfied. The best kind of feeling possible.

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