Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ways we say hello and goodbye. three.

February 17, 2008

Just after Valentine's Day, I was at an art opening in Baton Rouge. I decided to snap photos of people’s shoes. I thought I was merely interested in what shoes show up at these kinds of events. Particularly, I believed I was interested in the breadth of people, or at least the breadth of moods that evening, that shoes would elaborate upon.

We often think of body language as it happens from the waist up, though it begins at the ground level. I was snapping shoe pictures on a tiny, unimpressive digital camera (other than its semi-hot-pink color) when I realized that the shoes, and primarily the moving feet inside of the shoes, were speaking to one another. I witnessed flirtation, stand-offishness, friendship and entire conversations unfold through the shuffling of feet. A few conversations below.

one. d'lemma & future boy: i like you.

two. bird and mathematician: my husband's over there, mingling.

three. strangers: i saw you across the room that night.

SONG: Our Way to Fall, Sugarcube- Yo La Tengo

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