Monday, October 22, 2007

documenting change: six.

About, me, the workout queen!

I made a new rule for myself this past weekend. I WILL NOT, during my training sessions, EVER AGAIN say the words, “I can’t do that” in response to the trainer asking me to try out various exercises.

AND, I’ve lost 5 pounds since I started working with a trainer 2 ½ weeks ago! (Technically, I should say, I've lost 6 pounds since I took all this on in July, but it seems to be happening faster now than at first.) Look out thirty-three. Here comes healthy-me.

(Sort of unrelated to anything, but also related to everything - I bought 2 new pairs of shoes on Friday – my very own retail therapy for feeling somber that day, for having had a hard time at the Y that morning and for being not thrilled about the whole novel comment about my story the previous night. One pair, red patent leather. The other, grass green, but not patent leather. Very happy feet, dressed in red cowboy boots today.)

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