Friday, December 5, 2008


SO. Natalie accepted my challenge (which in fact she suggested in the first place). She also started up a blog, aptly named I CHALLENGE YOU!, just for those who wish to partake. Something else I am so happy about.

Here are a few comments I received on the last post:

From Cristin:
Can I be a part of this public challenge? Even if I don't have a blog? I have fallen off the wagon BIG TIME since the wedding. And spending 4 (glorious) days eating in Louisiana has put me over the edge.
Do I have to start a blog? Because that will just be one more thing for me to procrastinate doing and then I'll do even more nothing than I do now.

YES, you can be part of the public challenge, and NO, you don't have to begin a blog, because Natalie already started one.

From Kevin (who is fellow cohort in the invention of new games):
Yes, I'm totally up for a challenge. I'm gonna need one, too, the way I've been eating and slacking.
If you need me to help brainstorm on how to convert this into game form, then I'm game (haha, ohgod).

OK, Kev, let's get going on it. Any suggestions for how to play? We should continue this discussion on I CHALLENGE YOU!

Are you two serious about this? Kevin - Do I invite you to participate? Cristin?
I'm pretty excited about the bloggercizing.

*Note the photo borrowed from the Shaq Family Challenge website (no stealing here)

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