Friday, December 12, 2008

four white herons and other lasting images.

A list today.

1. I went on a run at Town Lake, and after, as I was walking to cool down, I spotted four white herons on the water. It reminded me of home. The landscape here often reminds me of home, and this makes me happy and moody at once.
2. Andrew Bird was my running partner, but I realized that I'd like an actual human running partner. Which means I've come a long way, because a year ago, I was terrified of running with another human being beside me - afraid I would slow someone else down and also appear to not have a handle on my body.
3. I have a paper due at noon tomorrow, and I've so far, found endless ways to procrastinate.
4. Right now, I am drinking hot coffee and eating peppermint, which helps me remember that Christmas is around the corner.
5. I want to improve my vocabulary. A friend suggested "Word a Day." I think I'll add it to my blog.
6. It's the end of the semester, and I'm just about ready to reflect on it at length. But after I turn in this paper.
7. On Wednesday, I had one of the best days I've had since I moved to Austin. It involved a spontaneous road trip, a disco cowboy shop, and friends.
8. I'm beginning to set goals for 2009. Calling them resolutions seems self-defeating. I don't resolve to do anything, but I can certainly set a goal and try like hell to achieve it.
9. My dad's wife is finally in the US. I am a little weirded out. I have a step mother, who my sister called "dad's companion" last night. This is the most surprising thing to me: I feel happy for my dad and happy for her, but also really sad for her, because, as my sister also said last night, "She left her whole life behind." Isn't there something romantic in that? A woman leaving her whole entire world so that she will have companionship? So she won't die lonely?
10. I don't mean to be, but I am a pretty sappy, sentimental type a lot of the time.

SONG: Hearts of Oak, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

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