Monday, May 4, 2009

macrobiotic dining, aka just keep livin' part 2

Okay, so this interview is not laugh out loud funny, but it has its moments, and it certainly is evidence of Matthew McConaughey being a caricature of himself.

Matthew McConaughey and Mishka on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Click here for funny video clips

And here is the airstream interview.

Why my obsession with McConaughey, you ask? I've been told that his airstream is in a trailer park that is a few blocks away from where I live. When I first moved here every time I passed it, I'd point and announce: There's where Matthew McConaughey lives. Okay, I still do that.

I think I had a mild crush on him years ago (I've moved past this phase in my life), but now he's just one of the Austin celebrity's I am nerdy enough to admit to wanting to accidentally run into one day. When I see McConaughey in person, I am convinced he will not disappoint. I'm anticipating cut off jeans, bare feet and no shirt. I'm hoping to find him at Daily Juice where I often stop in after my tri class. It's across from the trailer park. I also hope he'll be talking to staff and saying, Alright, alright.

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