Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Send Us in Your Letter

Do you have pointers for me?

Is there a vegetable you'd like me to experiment with?
Or a recipe I should try?
A cooking technique that would help me?
Is there an Austin farmers market I need to explore?
A local restaurant I must try?

What albums do you want me to cook to?
Do you know of a radio show worth listening to?
Or a band I ought to give a listen?

Should someone you know see my blog?
Is there a blog that I should see?

With a little help from the Beach Boys, here is my humble request for your requests and feedback.

Can you hear Paul McCartney munching on celery in this song "Vegetables" ?

This Friday, I'm going to a Yo La Tengo show. (The audio tab of their website, which I've linked to, contains songs from the new album.) If it's a really good show, Saturday night I might still be rocking out to them while I cook. Hmm. What meal goes with YO LA TENGO?


  1. It seems strange to picture a Herpreet music blog without a cooking to Madonna post.

    Remain very excited about this new project!

  2. Do they have sunchokes at the markets there?

  3. Herpreet SinghJanuary 26, 2010

    Bobby: I don't think I've seen any sunchokes, but I'll check next week.

    Eliza: I can't believe that I did not think of that, but a whole theme synthesized in my head at the mere suggestion. Can't wait to do that one!

  4. Hey - here are two websites from Amanda (who worked for us at Harvest):

    and a good healthy magazine site - their recipes are usually really good:

    Do you read or look at the Farmhouse Delivery page on Facebook? She uses seasonal/local to Austin products and has recipes posted.