Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What to wear

I've decided that yoga pants, a T-shirt, and sneakers are perfectly acceptable to wear seven days a week. What not to Wear TV folks, come talk to me when your day revolves around a 3-hour schedule that consists of breast feeding, bottle feeding for forty minutes, playing with an infant for an hour (singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and "On the Road Again" over and over, dangling toys in baby's face, cheering him on during "tummy time," "reading" picture books, intermittent diaper changes), and then trying to get him down for an hour nap as fast as possible so that you can, in that hour, do any combination of the following: eat a bowl of cereal, shower, pay bills, make and eat a sandwich, do dishes, laundry, nap, vacuum, give dogs much needed attention, get on the computer to buy more formula and wipes, research day cares, work on the freelance project you took on before baby was born, search job postings and/or write a cover letter even though you have no desire to go back to work. And when you hear baby making noise ten minutes earlier than he is supposed to (Aren't you entitled to the full one-hour nap?), you will beg under your breath, "Please don't wake up; please don't wake up." He will let out a wail, and you will look down at yourself in those yoga pants and that T-shirt, remember that you made it out of your pajamas that morning, and say, "Damn, I look good," before you begin the 3-hour cycle again. I am learning that part of being a good mom means being forgiving of myself where and when I can.


  1. I'll admit I found the woman from What Not To Wear very attractive until I watched the show and now I generally feel very "leave that poor woman alone" when I see them in the commercials forever aghast at what we mere mortals dare pick to cover our shameful bodies. I want her to just hook people up with some new clothes without the shitty attitude.

    Glad you are blogging again!

  2. Oh girl, it doesn't sound easy but if you can keep your sense on humor and your wits about you I think you'll have this mastered before too long.
    I have three weeks to go before I am in your shoes. Please keep writing, somehow I think it will help keep me sane.