Wednesday, April 8, 2009

things i am longing for.

Today while I was running, I noticed the Texas wildflowers in bloom. Thank goodness for Lady Bird Johnson and her wildflower initiative. Thank goodness also, that we’ve had some actual RAIN in the past few weeks, and things have turned, even if temporarily, from brown to green.

Beside the wildflowers, I also noticed a community garden. It looked so inviting that I wanted to abandon my run and explore what was planted. I did not.

But I did begin to fantasize. I am fantasizing about having a house of my own in Austin. Since I finally got a little brave (only a little) about experimenting with gardening the year before I moved away from BR, I feel like I can continue getting my hands dirty. Seeing the community garden made me wish for my own little yard in which to plant some vegetables (something I’ve yet to try) and also some of the strange native mix of dessert plants and southeastern lushness.

As well as a yard to plant in, I’d like my own home altogether, one tucked inside of a neighborhood instead of on a busy street. Eventually. Maybe this time next year? Maybe in two years?

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