Wednesday, April 8, 2009


(THREE new entries today! This will probably be for the week.)

I’ve talked and daydreamed about some major travel for a long time. Particularly, I was hoping for an extended trip to India with my husband. And guess what? We’re going! We take off at the end of May and spend one whole month exploring the states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi. I am ecstatic and nervous at once. After the month in India (during which we’ll get to see maybe the equivalent of half of Texas, which is really only a tiny sliver of India - boo), we have a week to do nothing on the beach in Puerto Rico (yay!). C. has a good friend who lives there and is from there, and we’ll get to see him for the first time in a couple of years.

Things fall into place all the time. I really believe this. I haven't read The Secret, Oprah, but I must be doing something right. Right?

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