Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new favorites; or at least, some posts I think are okay.

Back in March 2008 I did an entry called 20 favorites, in which I listed and linked people to my favorite posts. Now it's been over a year since that post, so here is an update. I can't say these are favorite posts, but at least here are a few from the year between March 2008 and now that I think are alright reading.

1. surreal emmerging.

2. Jerry Lee's Kwik Stop - this is an article I wrote for Country Roads that I still really like.

3. documenting change: twelve.

4. head in the clouds feet on the ground.

5. memorial day weekend road trip.

6. things you do in an airport.

7. liquid assets - another Country Roads story.

8. gustav.

9. sajan.

10. city in my mind.

11. quite well.

12. childhood bystander.

13. ways you know Austin is turning into home.

14. constructing memory.

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