Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oh my God. Some days I wish I could just stick my neck in a noose. (No worries. Not literally. I promise.) Straight up. I had the shittiest day. S.H.I.T. day.

It started off poorly, but my office mate tried to give me a pep talk (reciprocation for the days I try to give him pep talks). We try to encourage one another, but I have no idea if we are ever successful. It's always a good effort on both of our parts. This, followed by a horrible class for which I had nothing but good intentions. (Followed, miraculously, by an unexpectedly amazing class). And then. Discovering that my car had been towed for the first time in my life. Getting to the towing lot only to realize I did not have my car keys with me. Slightly earlier, a disgusting meal of 2 southwest spring rolls after I'd only eaten a bagel and cream cheese and nothing else sometime mid-morning.

Today sucked. TODAY SUCKED.

I am 100% doing the half marathon. That is the best news I can offer up. And one kid said he looked forward to coming to my class. That was reassuring. Can't please everyone all the time. But there's always someone who's pleased I suppose.


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