Monday, March 16, 2009

in bloom.

The world in Austin, is indeed, greener. Spring green. Thank you, Mr. Rainstorm.

I noticed these things today. Spirea shrubs in full bloom, yellow Carolina jessamine, and all over town, red bud trees sprouting their tiny pink flowers. I felt surprised that I could remember that spirea is called "spirea" and jessamine is called "jessamine." I saw crape myrtles too – but puny ones, and I suppose it’s too early for these to be blooming.

I noticed that the live oaks, though they are not suddenly more stately or majestic, do look more awake – they look the way a person looks after she (I’m not saying who the ‘she’ might be) hasn’t had a shower in three days and then finally breaks down and gets clean. Their canopies look like washed hair that had been oily and limp.

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