Monday, March 30, 2009

spring time goodness.

I have swiped this image without permission, but there is that saying about take permission now, beg forgiveness later. As far as I'm concerned, this photo of all the blooming azaleas is one of the first gifts of spring I received, and it looks sort of how my insides are feeling. So, thanks to my old friend e. for snapping a shot of this piece of BR and sharing it with me. Do you forgive me for posting it?

I cannot keep up with the speed at which spring weeks are blossoming into summertime.

Tomorrow, c. and I get to see a Neko Case show at Stubbs. And yeah, I continue to love her, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow like it's a windy Saturday and I'm a kid with a new kite.

Over the weekend, a BR friend comes to town to visit TX State’s MFA poetry program, to which she's been accepted! Part of my grand plan to recruit all the amazing people from home back into my world. Two days after z. leaves, e., my old college roommate and one of my best friends in the world, comes down from NYC to stay with me for a long week of FUN.

Then there are only two weeks of school left before summer. When summer rolls in, I’ll have two weeks to finish training for my triathlon. After the triathlon – one short week before… Ready?... Before c. and I head off to INDIA for a month and PUERTO RICO for a week!!! With any luck, we’ll squeeze in a short trip to Amsterdam! I will keep you posted on that. I should know by the end of the week.

When we return to Austin, my oldest friend in the world and her boyfriend are coming for a 4th of July visit. Twenty-two years of friendship.

Finally, I am so happy to report that c. has been working on a design competition for a really great little architecture firm. The competition was sponsored by a big company whose clothes and advertisements enticed me as a kid. I even recall tearing the ads out of magazines and posting them to my wall. The site for the project was in Tehran. This wrapped up last week, and they'll know who the competition winners are in May. In the meantime, the architecture firm has asked c. to work on another competition that will wrap up in May. If the blessings keep generating themselves, when we return from our trip, he’ll be looking forward to a full time position … Fingers crossed. For now, there is a whole lot of happiness to ride.

I could not think of a song for this post, but I'm trying. Mmmm. Got it.
SONG: Big Time Sensuality, Bjork

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