Tuesday, March 24, 2009

on the writing front.

I didn’t think this would actually ever happen, but at a random hour on a random day, it occurred to me that two of my blog entries could work together as a story: I will build you a mountain and the ocean dream entries.

It's funny - I had that bear dream over ten years ago, but it is so vivid in my memory still. I had the dream at a time when I was especially productive as a writer, and I always thought I'd like to use it in my writing somehow, but then my writing style kept developing, then it stopped developing all together, and then I began again, and it didn't seem to fit into my new work. I stopped thinking of the dream in terms of writing material and, of course, that is when it clicked - I could indeed work it into a story.

I've been meshing these two entries, and rounding them out to form one story. It's a different kind of story than I've written in a long time, but I like the way the voice is shaping up. I think I like the story. For now.

I've also still been working on the adolescent boys story - the boys with the camera and the sledgehammer. That one is coming slowly, and I suspect that I'll continue working on it into the summer. I've deemed it the following: boys of summer, the adolescent boys story, violent story, marcie story. All of my affectionate nick names. No titles so far. It feels like a hard one to write. It is a hard one to write. But when it's written - one of my incredibly slow, percolating stories, I think I'll have a strong draft.

*I found this photo online. It's not a black bear on the beach, but a polar bear in the arctic is as beautiful. And real. I found it on a website called Alaska in Pictures.

SONG: Palomine, Bettie Serveert (Give it a listen. I love her.)

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