Monday, August 3, 2009

definative punch with a side of interpretation.

The assignment:
Choose a short passage of one or two sentences to comment on... In your comment, explain how the passage reveals a theme of the work, or reveals character, or shows a noteworthy feature of the time period, or compares to other works we are studying, or displays style characteristics of the work, etc.

Student's chosen quote:
"I can't make out the lie of the winds, *on wave rolls up from one side, one from the other."

*on is supposed to be "one"

Student's commentary:
I never really have been a fan of poetry. I had always had a point of interest in math though, because there is one answer with math. In poetry the piece can have a different meaning to different people at different times and different feelings, so there's no real answer to what the poem means or signifies. This quote however carries some of the definitive punch with a side of interpretation. "The lie of the winds I can't make out". I love how you don't have to dig deep into it; No matter how you twist and turn it, that's a metaphor for life. You set your course and plan accordingly, but you can never really know what's coming. Waves from all sides, represents life's obstacles and troubles. I would have enjoyed it more if the sailor would have made it out with his ship to symbolize, hey life sucks but you'll be alright. Then again, life isn't always like that, is it? Sometimes this poem is indeed true. You lose everything and get to watch it drift away, but hey, you're still alive. I'd like to have a part two to this poem. Defiantly

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