Monday, August 24, 2009

game plan.

I got some good advice from a friend, and I've figured out what to do about having a blog and teaching.

Professional precautions.
I've removed some entries that could potentially be interpreted as inappropriate in that they mention school, students, authors, etc.

Personal precautions.
When school begins, I'm going to take down this blog for about a month. I'll bring it back up after the semester is rolling. Hopefully by then, students will have finished trying to spy on their instructors. After that, I'll put it back up, and what is is what will be. This blog has become part of my writing routine and part of my body of work. It is an outlet for another part of my writing voice. So, while I'd prefer it if students aren't looking me up - at least not until after they are out of my class, I can't stop them from doing so, and I can't stop doing what I do either.

I think I'll do one last entry on Aug. 27th, and then I'll see you all again around the start of October.

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