Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things.

Something keeps going around Facebook, and after I got 5 requests to do this list, I finally did it. Then I decided to post it, b/c I don't have any fantastic blog entries in mind. Plus, I just love lists.

Regarding #1, I truly do harbor this fantasy. I love Madonna, still. I love Sean Penn. I love their square jaws and I Italian noses. And I love their feisty stubborn public personalities. They should get back together. It would make me happy.

1. I harbor the fantasy that Madonna and Sean Penn will end up together again at the end of their lives.

2. I am super introverted, but I can be very good at seeming extroverted.

3. The first time I went camping, it was with 3 other girlfriends. None of us had ever camped before, but we managed to get up our tent, build an awesome fire, and cook a kick-ass campfire meal. I have loved camping ever since.

4. I am intensely loyal; my friendships go way way back.

5. As a freshman in college - before I had real bills to pay, I used some of my waitressing tips to buy myself a brand spanking new outfit every Friday. I know that if I had a lot of money, I'd still treat myself to a new outfit once a week.

6. I appreciate nice fabrics in general and good quality construction in clothing (how well is it stitched? what kinds of detailing does it have? etc.), so I look at a lot of things I can't afford.

7. I cannot sing one bit, and I am no good at remembering song lyrics.

8. I also don't remember movie quotes or lines from books.

9. I am quite visual.

10. When I read that it rained tiny yellow flowers in One Hundred Years of Solitude, I never could shake the image. It still creeps into my memory often, and makes me sigh aloud.

11. I am obsessed with Neko Case and her music in a way that I don't know is healthy.

12. I believe that people should age gracefully (no plastic surgery) but healthfully (take care of yourselves! eat well! exercise! sunscreen!) to the extent that they can.

13. I tend to do mean things to the characters in my fiction, and I get mad at myself for doing so. Because, I like my characters.

14. I wish I was more competitive at times, but I am generally okay being mediocre at things.

15. It's fair to say, I am not an over achiever in the least bit, though I am a perfectionist.

16. I prefer to compete with myself and not others.

17. Once, a friend and I decided to start a band called The Quitters, and we were going to stage a fight during our first show and both quit the band. We haven't had our first show yet.

18. In my fantasy girl band, Sucker Punched, I play bass.

19. I generally have an f*-you attitude about authority, hierarchy and rules of etiquette and social/professional climbing. It's an innate attitude.

20. My rebellions tend to be quiet, understated rebellions that none-the-less have impact.

21. I am easily irritated by stingy people and stingy behavior.

22. I am not greedy.

23. I take pleasure in good food, and I am an adventurous eater.

24. One of my best talents is that I can improvise meals exceptionally well, particularly when I am down to an empty fridge.

25. I love a grey day with a heavy downpour, and I think that the quality of thunderstorms is what (alongside food), in the long run, I will most miss about Baton Rouge.

SONG: Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

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