Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sajan story - I finished writing it on Sunday. I am proud of the fact that I had 4 pages last semester, and then I picked it up on Th. and finished it on Sunday. 27 pages (more like 25 b/c there are a lot of page breaks that make it 27). BUT it is a draft draft draft. I have NEVER EVER turned in a first draft for workshop. So I am VERY VERY nervous about that. I turned it in on Tuesday.

I removed the first page from my blog b/c it's changed quite a bit. I have to say, nothing makes me hyper aware of a story's flaws than seeing it up on a blog - and that helps me figure out revisions pretty damn fast. But thanks, Natalie, for the nice words about it. Obviously, since I removed the post, your comment doesn't show up.

I am sad that the girl dies in the story, but in the end, it is a hopeful story. I hope I can revise it into something really good. I'll let you all know how the workshop this coming Tuesday goes.

Good vibes. Thank you for those good thoughts. I had been watching TV late the other night and a commercial pops up for a contest where you write 100 words about "How you bring the world to Austin." The prize was 2 roundtrip 1st class tickets to anywhere in the world that Continental flies. Alas, I must not have won, b/c they were supposed to announce the winner on the 24th and I've heard nothing.

No big deal. I didn't loose anything, and I did gain something. All of you were kind enough to take a moment to think of me without even knowing why.

SONG: Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys

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